About Us

Our mission is to facilitate exceptional clinical-grade molecular and immune profile testing for diagnostic, research, commercial and direct consumer use*.

OncoHelix is the commercial entity of molecular and immunological testing portfolio for two clinical and translational research programs within the University of Calgary: POET (Precision Oncology Experimental Therapeutics); HTL (Hematology Translational Lab); Executive Director Dr. Faisal Khan.

Clinical diagnostic and research services provided by OncoHelix are exclusively performed at HTL, a clinically accredited lab for molecular and immunological profiling. Testing opportunities include:

  • Oncology: Targeted genomic profiling using next generation sequencing for both blood and solid tumors
  • Inflammatory and Autoimmune Conditions: Cytokine profiling and surrogate immunity linked biomarkers for immune dysregulation disorders and inflammatory conditions such as Cytokine Release Syndrome (CRS) / Cytokine Storm, Hemophagocytic Lymphohistocytosis (HLH) and other inflammatory diseases
  • For all profiling needs, HTL uses validated and well-established panels from industry leading technology partners.
Based out of Calgary, Canada, OncoHelix can support all provinces in Canada and other countries world-wide with clinical-grade molecular and immune profiling.  The HTL facility, OncoHelix’ s exclusive lab services provider, is a clinically-accredited, province-wide utilized, and trusted lab located within the Arnie Charbonneau Cancer Institute at the University of Calgary.

OncoHelix has the capacity to support multiple stakeholders including sponsored testing programs with industry, contract research, biotech start-ups and publicly funded entities for enhanced genomic and immunologic profiling needs.  In addition, direct consumers can utilize the OncoHelix portfolio of clinical-grade molecular and immunologic profile tests *in collaboration and coordination with their physician.

An expert medical and scientific consultant team at OncoHelix is also available to provide clinical, laboratory and bioinformatic consultancy services for research contracts and proposals, industry sponsored programs and clinical trials, and laboratory informatics and utilization.

Dr. Faisal M. Khan PhD, D(ABHI)
Director, Molecular Diagnostics

Dr. Pinaki Bose PhD
Director, Bioinformatics

Shaniah Leduc R.N. (Ret)
Director, Business Development

Dr. Christopher Naugler BScH MSc MD CFCP FCFP FRCPC
Director, Anatomical Pathology and Laboratory Utilization

Dr. Meer-Taher Shabani-Rad MD FRCPC, FCAP
Director, Hematopathology and Immunology