When a person with cancer and their oncologist decide to proceed with NGS / genomic tumour profile testing, OncoHelix is able to help conduct the test at our state-of-the-art, clinically accredited laboratory testing facility based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
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NGS Testing

Step 1 Physician To Complete the OncoHelix Requisition for NGS testing 

  • Patient details are filled out at the top of the requisition under “Patient Information”
  • Physician details are completed under “Order Information”
  • Physician indicates the patient’s type of cancer under “Diagnosis”. For example, Colorectal
  • Physician selects the type of gene panel test under “Test Request”. A detailed listing of the genes included in each panel is listed on page 3 of the requisition or under the tab “CGP Panels”

Step 2 Send the completed requisition to OncoHelix lab in Calgary, Alberta

Send in a completed requisition by Fax to 403-210-8176

To note, OncoHelix NGS lab and NGS testing is available for all locations across Canada, US and world-wide. Samples can be shipped to the OncoHelix lab for testing from anywhere, there is no geographic limitation to conduct a tissue-based NGS test.

Step 3 OncoHelix will contact you within 3 business days

An OncoHelix customer navigator will contact you by phone within 3 business days to arrange for the test to be completed. For your safety, our OncoHelix customer navigator will be able to identify themselves to you by providing your doctor information and details written on the OncoHelix form that you sent.

Please have the following information ready when our OncoHelix customer navigator contacts you:

  • The hospital name where you had your biopsy procedure if it is different then the hospital where you see your oncologist.
  • Credit card information for payment. Please note that OncoHelix is only able to accept credit card payment.

Step 4 Tumour Genomic Profile Report in 4 weeks

The NGS test requires 4 weeks to complete: starting from the arrival time of the prepared tumour specimen to the OncoHelix Lab in Calgary, Alberta to the final result reviewed by our team of molecular and anatomic pathologists. When the NGS genomic test is completed, and the tumour genomic profile is analyzed, your oncologist or ordering physician will receive an electronic report.